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dutrion® features

dutrion® has powerful microbial control capacity using a certified quality of ingredients. We offer a very economical formula in powder or tablet format; no need for extra investment in generators.

Our chlorine dioxide is safely and quick released in potable water by the reaction of 2 powders or just one tablet. Dutrion ingredients are easy to handle and ship by any way. There is no risk of explosion. The kinetic lifetime of the dutrion® liquid solution at 20°C is between 40 and 90 days when stored in a dark and dry place. The dutrion® components can be stored for several years and won't take much space. It requires very simple dosing and measuring equipment.

dutrion® has been applied successfully in drinking water for humans and animals, in a variety of industrial activities and public places. The food & beverage industry chooses dutrion® as a better and safe alternative.

dutrion® has extensive advantages. It's not just a better economical solution.

dutrion® powder and tablets are both NSF.60 approved for drinking water applications. More registrations are pending in many countries.

Which dutrion® format suites your application?

water flow Use dutrion® solution User
dutrion® powder high & medium > 50 liter per week professional operators
dutrion® tablet medium & small < 50 liter per week farming & small industry
DutriClean units 0.5 - 100 ltr/min < 100 000 liter waterflow all operators

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