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Combined disinfectants

Combining disinfectants is done to overcome the disadvantages of the individual disinfectant:

Chloramines / Chlorine Dioxide
overcomes the nitrifying bacteria, maintains a strong residual throughout the distribution system as the final primary disinfectant. Levels are 0.5 ppm chlorine dioxide dose to the chloramines dose.

Chlorine / Chlorine Dioxide
these two products set-up a recycling loop in that the free chlorine oxidises chlorite to chlorine dioxide and the chlorine dioxide keeps the free chlorine( hypochlorous acid HOCl) from dissociating.
The combination of chlorine dioxide and chlorine will have the following benefits:

Typically the dosage is 3 parts chlorine dioxide to 2 parts chlorine.

Ozone / Chlorine Dioxide
Ozone produces the quick kill and the chlorine dioxide maintains a residual at lower dosages.

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