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A range of testing instruments for chlorine dioxide is available. These instruments check the effectiveness of dosing and read residual activity of dutrion chlorine dioxide.

Combi meter ORP (pH & temperature)

ORP readings are used as an effective measure of the sanitation capacity of potable water. ORP is only an indicator of bacteriological water quality.

Residual testers

Testing the effectiveness of dosing is important. dutrion® distributors supply test strips with each another concentration range to determine dosing and residual levels. For precise results we recommend to use a single parameter tester with digital reading.

Test strips

Low range: 0.1–0.4 ppm
Mid range: 0.4-1.6 ppm
High range: 0 – 10 ppm

Our distribution partners supply ClO2-strips in bottles of 50 strips

ATP testing

This Sanitation Monitoring System measures the ATP collected from food contact surfaces or liquids. AccuPoint works by measuring the light created when ATP contacts a reagent in the system’s unique sampling devices. The higher the levels of food residue and microorganisms in a sample, the more ATP, and more light units (RLU) indicated on the device screen.

AccuPoint ATP Water Samplers

For use when sampling liquid for the relative presence of ATP.

Other dutrion® products

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